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Amazon Management

VWM is aware of the fact that the positive result depends on the quality of work that a an account manager renders to a client. So our team is committed to providing a customised professional services to business owners whilst they build-up their product line on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms.

For many start-up Amazon business owners, they do their business alone. We know you can do it all. But we believe that it is not easy to do all at once with product research and sourcing, shipping and inventory management, PPC creation & optimisation and even creating a stellar customer service.

So if you want to unload some of these tasks and spend your other time to other important matters, VWM is here to help you share the load in growing your business.

Website Designs & Administration

Your Website is the storefront of your business as you are able to showcase your products or services in the digital world. It is actually an extension of your business card.

If you don’t have a website, you will have the lowest chance of the earning opportunity as most customers rely  now on their mobile phones or computers to inquire about the products or services they need before they make their purchase or book your services.  With your website, even if you are sleeping, you have a business billboard that is operating 24/7.

As a website designer, I aim to help YOUR business grow so that your potential customers can discover you. The most important for me is I don’t just design and build a website, but I create an SEO-friendly WordPress/Shopify website.  

Accounting / Bookkeeping Services

Accounting and bookkeeping were my bread and butter while I was employed in the corporate world. 

From journalizing up to the preparation of the financial reports, I can do it all.

I also do my work using the online accounting system. I am proficient in Quickbooks Online and Desktop and ACCPAC. I also am knowledgeable in MYOB and XERO. 

If you wish to use a free online accounting software, I can introduce you to WaveApps. I have been using WaveApps in my own business and I never had the hassle of paying for monthly subscription!

Social Media Graphics & Management

I create engaging graphic designs for Facebook, Instagram and even Website.

Remember, once you go online, you need virtual presence and engaging social media platforms to be known to your target customers whilst keeping your existing clients. 

That is one of the online goals that a business owner must consider as not all potential customers are interested to check your website. 

As of the fourth quarter of 2018, Facebook had increased to 2.32 billion monthly active users. Some or many of those users could be your potential customers.

landing page

Landing Page Design

In Digital Marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, that is designed with a single focus or goal, also known as call to action (CTA). It is where the visitor “lands” after clicking a link on your email or from social media or web platforms..

Landing pages are usually used for marketing or advertising campaign. It is a web page that isolates the visitor with a single focus and this makes landing pages the best option for increasing the conversion while lowering your cost of acquiring leads or sale.

So if you’re ready to increase your leads or sales contact us!

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”