Get your Amazon business up and running with less stress and hassle. I can help you ease the pain of being a seller and attending to various tasks while maintaining your business.

Below are the tasks that I am capable of doing in managing your Amazon seller central account:


virtual webmate product research

Product research is the most critical task prior to selling on Amazon. There are certain criteria that a researcher must follow.

If you do it manually, yes it is possible, though it can take time. But if you know how to use a product research tool, you will be able to make it quick and start sampling your winning product ASAP!

But there are even free tools that we can use in the product research as I have been using some of these tools myself, experimenting or what works or not.


virtual web mate product sourcing alibaba

There are different ways to source out suppliers prior to selling on Amazon. Your product can be sourced out locally, or abroad.

One of the well-known cheap producers in the world is China. But just make it sure that you will make business with a manufacturer, NOT with a trader. You may wonder why? Because you can get a cheaper price direct from the manufacturer, they are quick to contact, respond to your inquiry and negotiations.

One thing to consider as well is the security and safety of the transactions. We need to be sure that we are dealing with a legitimate supplier.


virtual web mate shipping

There are many misconceptions when you sell your product abroad, such as thru the Amazon marketplace. One backs out doing e-commerce because they are told that one is required to apply as an exporter to be able to send your product to Amazon! Well, it could take time and money to do that!

But the good news is, answer is NO. No need to sweat on the shipment. Existing Amazon or other e-commerce entrepreneurs know how to send their products to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers without any hassle.

As an experienced VA I am aware of the documents we need from the supplier prior to product shipment and the data that we need from Amazon Seller Central.



virtual web mate product listing

When listing a product into your seller central account dashboard, there are things that we need to consider prior to successfully doing it. One of the things that we need, if you originally design a product, is to provide a UPC code.

I am also experienced in complying with HAZMAT requirements in case your product falls into that category.


virtual web mate ppc campaign

Yes, your product is now on Amazon Warehouse and you are now ready to sell!

But you notice that you have more than a hundred competitors out there in the market!

How can we get a share of the pie? How can we effectively launch your product without wasting much money on the campaigns?

SEO within Amazon platform is so critical to rank from the bottom page to page 1. Selecting the right keyword for the Pay Per Click campaign and writing a good sales pitch thru product listing must be considered seriously.

I can help you out running the campaign using the right tools to mine keywords of your competitors using the reverse ASIN procedure.



virtual web mate customer support

Getting a positive or 5-star review is a struggle of most sellers nowadays as most of the buyers opted not to receive emails from Amazon or from the seller after the items are bought!

Then what is painful now is that it is easy for the buyers to leave a 1-star or negative review if they found out that the product they bought is defective, or they don’t like the product at all, or they simply changed their mind and want to get a refund!

An autoresponder is one of the best ways of creating stellar customer support reaching the buyers. It is a make it and forget it procedure that once you set it up, you will never have to worry about it anymore because it will do its job to contact the buyers, from confirmed order up to few days after delivery.


virtual web mate contacting seller support

Contacting Amazon seller support has a new procedure now. Effective the third week of January 2019 they changed the process and patterned it to the Australian Amazon way of contacting them.

You will not have to worry about me contacting the support since I have experience already in dealing with the FBA support associates. I can easily do the job for you.

Website Design

We can make your business  a stunning SEO-ready WordPress website platforms.  We also maintain the website by performing system monitoring and updates, posting blogs and pages updates, integrating with the Google and other social media platforms.

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